7 Sassy Memes Reviewed

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We love memes almost as much as we love sass, so it only makes sense that we’d review 7 sassy memes.  Read on to see some sassy memes and hear our thoughts on them.


A meme that says "When people ask me why I'm still single" and then displays a photo of Cary Grant saying "You can't handle this"

Meme #1: Cary Grant (Source)

Review:  We honestly don’t know if we really love this meme or just love that it references Cary Grant.  Regardless, the “You can’t handle this” response embodies what we are all about.

Rating:  9/10

 A meme that says "Me watching the elevator close on people as I calmly press the close sign a thousand times" with a picture of a boy smirking

Meme #2: Elevator Thoughts (Source)

Review:  This boy perfectly expresses how much we don’t want to share the elevator with anyone.  This meme is very relatable – especially if you’ve ever worked in an office and are used to slow elevator rides at 8am with random strangers.

Rating:  6/10

A meme that says "Mom, I broke the lamp.  Why?  Because nobody shines brighter than me" and features a cat in heart shaped sunglasses and a boa

Meme #3:  Sassy Kitty (Source)

Review:  You knew we had to feature a cat somewhere in our review.  This meme is cheeky, cute, and funny.  We laughed out loud when we first saw it.  Our favorite part is the irreverent expression on the cat’s face.  This kitty knows she is a cool cat, which makes us wonder if she is possibly related to the sassy cat featured on this t-shirt.

Rating:  8.5/10

A meme that says "Gurl, you get yo' butt here and change mah diaper!" with a picture of a baby in a tuxedo pointing at the ground

Meme #4: Sassy Baby (Source)

Review:  We had to include this one for the sassy moms of the world.  Does it sometimes feel like your kiddos are as demanding as the little one in this picture?  There’s definitely some lil sass going on here, but we don’t love this one quite as much as Cary Grant or Sassy Kitty.

Rating:  5/10

A meme that says, "You should really be nicer" and features a picture of a woman saying "I'm being nice to you.  Have I stabbed you? No."

Meme #5: I’m Being Nice (Source)

Review:  This one is aggressive, but we’re here for it.  To pose a question and then immediately answer it yourself is a classic sassy move.  All we have to say is well done.

Rating:  9.5/10

 A meme that says "You're too sassy, nobody likes people like that" and then has a picture of a man saying "I think I'm adorable"

Meme #6: Sassy People (Source)

Review:  Have you ever had someone call you out for your sass?  Did you immediately double down with another sassy comment?  We do that all the time too.  We can’t help it.  Despite that, we saw some better memes than this one today.

Rating:  4/10

A meme featuring the most interesting man in the world saying "I'm not always sassy but when I am I prefer to sass through memes."

Meme #7: Sassiest Man In The World (Source)

Review:  Unlike the most interesting man in the world, we are always sassy.  We do like to sass through memes though.  We like this one, but it gets docked for lack of originality.

Rating:  3.5/10


In Conclusion

To recap, our top 3 are I’m Being Nice (9.5/10), Cary Grant (9/10), and Sassy Kitty (8.5/10).  What do you think of our ratings?  Let us know in the comments below.


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