A Sassy Gift Guide

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Looking for the perfect gift for the sassy friend or family member in your life?  We've got the sassy gift guide for you.

For the cat lover: Cat Dab Unisex Sweatshirt, $28.50

A woman in a sweatshirt holds a kitten in front of a holiday background

Any cat lover is sure to love this sweatshirt.  (Really, who wouldn't love a cat dabbing?)  In addition to the cute design, it is almost as soft and warm as a kitten.

For the dog lover who is totally convinced their dog is the cutest: My Dog Is Cuter Women's T-Shirt, $21.00

A woman in a Santa hat and t-shirt reaches for eggnog

The person who eagerly shows you pictures of their dog at every possible opportunity will love this t-shirt.  With this shirt, they won't even have to pull out their phone to tell the world their dog is the cutest.

For the person who doesn't want to be bothered before they drink their coffee: Talk To The Mug, $12.00

A mug that says, "Talk to the mug... because I'm not listening" in front of a holiday background

The full text of this mug says, "Talk to the mug... because I'm not listening."  It provides the perfect reminder for all those who attempt to intrude on your friend's coffee moment that your friend is just not listening.

For the person who's headed somewhere tropical for the holidays: So Bright I Need Shades Women's T-Shirt, $21.00

A girl with reindeer ears stands at the beach in a t-shirt that says "My future is so bright... I need some shades."

Your friend who is jetting off on a tropical vacation will love this short-sleeve tee.  Their future is literally so bright that they could use some shades.  (We're jealous.)

For the little one who is already showing signs of sass: Nap Time Baby Onesie, $18.00

A baby in a onesie and Santa hat lays on a holiday blanket

This 100% cotton onesie is perfect for the baby who already loves a lil sass.  We can't guarantee that it will make nap time easier, but it is so cute and snuggly that we're tentatively hopeful that it will.  

For anyone else

Still not sure what to get the sassy person in your life?  Send us a note to customerservice@sassonstuff.com and we'll get back to you with our personalized recommendation.


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